The best kind of design isn't necessarily an object, a space, or a structure: it's a process - dynamic and adaptable.
Don Norman
Hi, I am Ania!

After working in the luxury interior design over 9 years, I have decided to pursue my career into User Experience Design,  bringing my problem solving and analytical thinking skills into the industry.

I am an alumna of the Product Design Course at the Experience Haus. I have worked in multiple product design projects in the healthcare sector, where I focused on human-centered design in order to improve accessibility and inclusivity in digital experiences for everyone, especially the aging population. In doing so, I conducted evidence-based user research, including screener surveys, interviews, and usability testing through collecting both qualitative and quantitative data.

Through the experience of working in a fast-paced environment, I also learnt how to optimise available resources and efficient time management to be able to effectively interpret client briefs. This helped me translate the challenging design briefs into viable design solutions.

I am now looking for a role, in which I can use my knowledge and experiences to create innovative solutions to make people’s life easier.

If you are interested in a collaboration or just would like to say hi, please feel free to get in touch.
"The vocation and commitment to the health of the mothers of the world has also been perceived through the quality of design that Ania has made for the Angels on Call app. Her contribution has improved the overall user experience and functionality in the critical emergency communication."

Oscar Martínez Pérez MD PhD - Angels on Call
"Ania's one-on-one consultation on my AIMS project helped take the software from a rough collection of analytical tools to a fully-fledged, easy to use application. Ania was adept at taking my nebulous goals for functionality and turning these into concrete, visually appealing implementations. Throughout the entire development process, Ania was able to communicate her rationale for each design recommendation, bridging the language barrier between a scientist and designer exceptionally well. For anyone interested in getting the most out of their ideas through improved usability and aesthetics, I recommend Ania without hesitation."

Christopher Boughter PhD - AIMS